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The PHPA is still growing - more Professional Hypnotherapists than ever before are joining the PHPA - that's why we have decided to add a Members Only section with useful articles, scripts, case histories, news, resources and much more.


If you have any ideas or specific requests then please contact us.


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Member Only Articles:

Acupuncture in Combination with Hypnotherapy
Clasped Hands Induction
Consent Form
Food of Love

Helpful Stop Smoking?

Hot Flash/Flush Hypnosis (Menopause)
How to Hypnotize a Deaf Person

Hypnosis more helpful for men to stop smoking
Ideomotor Movements

Israeli Hypnotherapy
Law of Attraction and Hypnosis
Mass Hypnosis or Mass Hysteria in the Ukraine?

Mesmer's Banquet - instructions for making

Regulation of Complementary Therapy in the UK

Self Hypnosis for Clients
The Stroop Effect - How colours can influence your mind

Why you can Never realise a Fantasy

Gay to Straight Conversion Therapy

Help for War Veterans with Hypnosis



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Free for all - Hypnosis related articles published with the kind permission of the authors.

Hypnotic World Ltd Wendy Lapidus-Saltz Free from Members
Drug Addiction.

Stage Fright.

Accidental Hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Menopause.

Spender to Saver.

Achieving Goals.

Children's IBS Treatment.

Hypnosis for Dementia Sufferers.

Hypnotherapy for IVF doubles success rate.

Why and When to use Regression.

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