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16 November 2009

Business Psychotherapy -creating balance and equity between the different aspects of the business personality.

Dear PHPA members below is a brief on my Business Psychotherapy courses to help you to build your Practice. I have spent many years helping people to make profitable business in healthcare through selling product and clinics into the NHS and have made many people millions. I now wish to offer you the same. My courses will run throughout 2010 most weekends. You as a member of the PHPA will receive 25% off.

I have recently had 2 articles, 1 in CAM Business and the other in Healthy Living in 2009

A look at the learning outcomes of the courses and what they consist of and a mini taster of each one.

I will get the group to ask the following of themselves and each other.


Theme: Aspire

How to set yourself apart from the competition, by firstly identifying who you are? What is your feel, colour, how does your business identity look and sound? Do you understand your business genre or emotion? Can you tell me the best ting about you and how you do things? If so explain it to me, or someone next to you bring it to life so I understand about you and your Practice. Limitations and fears, visualize your practice as it should be.

Engaging the outside world-

Theme: Understanding

How do you define your market? How do you reach them? Who do you reach? What mediums do you use? How do you take your Uniqueness to your specific market? Do they match? The outside world in relation to you now-how do you utilize it? The outside world as parent, friend and guide-explore…

Selling your practice with POWER and PASSION

Theme: Connecting

How do you really connect with the markets you have chosen, speak their language so they really hear you, feel you and understand what you and your unique way is about. You know the essence, the view, the ethics, you have identified the market now you need to define it in the clients language using the features and human benefit.

Features language-fact, visual, aural, kinesthetic, olfactory sensory words

Human benefits-feeling, spiritual and sensory language

Explore these themes

The Classic Consultation

Theme: Expertise and trust

Review of successful behaviours and practitioners

Why the classic way?

Client direction and ethics

Models of consultation

Professionalism and credibility

What it should and shouldn’t include

Explore amongst the group

Professional relationships-Focus NHS

Theme: Integration

Are you creating professional relationships? Who should you partner with? Models, How to go about this? The NHS and Practice Based Commissioning. ‘The future is integrated’ (Dr. Michael Dixon) but how and where? What is the right language? Role of the GP and his/her Practice-Identifying key players, their roles and responsibilities and how that fits with you as a CAM practitioner


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