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The advanced diploma course in past life therapy builds on the knowledge gained in the basic diploma course. To be admitted to the course the student must have taken and passed the basic course and also gained some practice in past life therapy. Without the knowledge gained from the basic course concepts introduced and considered in this course will not be meaningful. The subjects covered in this course are:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to transpersonal psychology and transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Lesson 2 - Psychotherapy; a review and reminder.

Lesson 3 - The mind of man (1)

Lesson 4 - The mind of man (2)

Lesson 5 - Reincarnation; the evidence.

Lesson 6 - The application of suggestion.

Lesson 7 - Hypnosis, suggestibility, and induction techniques.

Lesson 8 - Deepening techniques; therapeutic interventions; termination (release)

Lesson 9 - Jungian archetypes and the Fool’s Journey

Lesson 10 - Planning a Past Life Therapy session

Lesson 11 - Trance management and PLT protocols.

Lesson 12 - More on technique; discarnate entities, life between lives.

(Four optional training sessions are available to students in conjunction with this course.

These training courses take place with me at SNHS Ltd, London).

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