Linda Owen

8 Byron Close
North Linconshire
DN17 1LX
United Kingdom

 07826 017314


My Therapies

Hypnotherapy (diploma in Hypnosis, Suggestion Therapy and Analytical Therapy ) Reiki Master - Seichem Master - Crystal therapist- Meditation Teacher Tuition - Indian Head massage - Thai Foot massage - Energy healing Quantum Breath

I also make and sell CDs of guided healing Meditations for wellbeing

I live and work in Scunthorpe. hours of work for clients is totally flexible run through clients' chosen appointments

I work also in a public shop at Lindley House - 244 Ashby High Street - Scunthorpe by appointment only

Vouchers are available for that special gift in well being

I have enjoyed learning all my therapies and gained their knowledge promoting well being in a modern world I am down to earth enjoy outdoors nature I am angelic spiritual and love the power of the spoken word I have written 2 books poetry and memoirs and continue to make guided Meditations on any thing that promotes well being



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