Can Hypnosis Transform a Spender into a Saver?

Wendy Lapidus-Saltz April 02, 2009

Some people like spending money. It makes them happy to believe they are experiencing all life has to offer. They enjoy transforming hours of work into hours of pleasure by spending what they make on what they enjoy.

The problem begins when spending outstrips saving. It can happen quickly in our current economy (even job searching costs money!).

You've heard advice about balancing assets and expenditures, making a budget, looking for bargains, skipping non-necessities and recording every purchase.

But this advice isn't easy for everyone, or declaring bankruptcy would be much less common.

Even worried spouses, credit-card cancelations, and foreclosures don't always sound the warning bell. Some people cannot hear it ring.

So is there any way a spender can become a saver and reap benefits for years to come?

Yes! But like the old joke about how you change a light bulb, first it has to want to change.

That's true even when hypnotized. Even though hypnosis really can influence how you think and act.

Despite yesteryear's horror movies, hypnotic trance generally requires the cooperation of the person being hypnotized. Once in hypnosis, a spendthrift can come to love the feeling of saving, and be proud of his transformation to smart "penny pincher"!

When I work with clients to make this mindset switcheroo, the suggestions we craft together for the subconscious mind are not limiting and dreary. They are empowering and yummy, often dramatizing benefits like these (from "Linda's" hypnosis session):

Freedom from evasion, harassment, and that weight in the pit of the stomach

Joys of self-management, self-determination, self-actualization

True Choice

The marvellous rewards reaped: security, prosperity, ability to choose what is most valuable and spend on those while saving by limiting, eliminating, or finding less-costly options for things that don't require premium choices.

For new self-hypnotizers, I recommend visiting an experienced, certified hypnotist initially, and then reinforcing the work yourself.

If you choose the self-hypnosis route, consider incorporating suggestions like these:

I feel satisfied with what I have, and get pleasure from finding new ways to use what I already own.

I enjoy the creativity of finding new uses for items, and ways of attracting great pleasure at small cost.

I feel smart and happy when I reuse, recycle, or get a bargain.

Saving is more fun than spending, and I like building a great future.

I am creative and smart, empowering my future.

I define my own wants and needs, and defy those who want to take my money for unneeded things.

Great results are likely as you customize these ideas to your circumstances, wants, and needs. The key: to express and imagine what you DO desire, rather than what you don't want.

You'd be better off saying "I enjoy choosing wise bargains when I shop" than "I don't overspend anymore." That's just how our subconscious minds usually work best. But keep experimenting and track what works for you.

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